Another Day of Life – Kapuściński’s Angola

9 May 2016 | Media

In 1975, as the military dictatorship in Portugal crumbled and their colonies in Africa (Angola and Mozambique) and Southeast Asia (Portuguese Timor) were cut loose the Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuściński turned up in Luanda and spent the next three months watching ...

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to Hellholes and back

29 April 2010 | Media

I read to Hellholes and back, Chuck Thompson’s account of the ‘art of extreme tourism,’ principally because he goes to Congo and I read most things that come up about that country. Chuck decides not to follow Conrad’s miserable haul up the Congo River, but instead end...

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Aircraft – The Jet as Art – Jeffrey Milstein

4 February 2008 | Media

It’s ‘aircraft porn’ a keen photographer and aviation enthusiast insisted, just like those glossy coffee table food books and celebrity chef tomes have been defined as food porn. Jeffrey Milstein set himself up with a large format camera directly below or beside the f...

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