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Airlines & Airports – the good, the bad

27 February 2014 | Transport

Over the last 12 months I’ve flown with 18 different airlines on 9 different aircraft types. They included Boeing 737s, 747s, 767s and 777s, but I’ve still not flown on a 787. Some highlights and lowlights: ▲ The Most Heavily Loaded Flight – The last flight of ...

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Finally – Some Security Sense

6 October 2013 | Living

◄  And amazingly it's in the US, the home of general security insanity. Arriving at security at San Francisco International Airport I encountered this sign, inviting you to empty your water bottle, take the empty bottle through security and refill it from a water foun...

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Airport Security

13 May 2013 | Living

The trouble – well one of the many troubles – with airport security is it’s inconsistent. What they want done in one place they don’t in another. So it’s shoes on or off, belts on or off and sometimes the scanning sensitivity set so high that a credit card sets it off...

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Meet the New India, Same as the Old India

5 November 2010 | Living

Almost 40 years ago, travelling across Asia Maureen and I flew from Calcutta to Thailand and we still remember the culture shock of arriving in Bangkok. Compared to India it was amazingly well lit, air-conditioned, orderly, efficient and clean. ▲  street cow in V...

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