Admiralty Gulf:

Kimberley Coastal Camp

20 September 2009 | Places

My recent Flying Across the Kimberley blog took me to the Kimberley Coastal Camp on the coast of Admiralty Gulf. Check it on Google Earth, it’s about as remote as you can get: S 14º 34.788 E 125º 54.778 To get there we had that two hour flight in a Cessna 210 l...

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Flying across the Kimberley

15 September 2009 | Transport

Getting there is half the fun – it’s been said enough times – and a two hour flight in a single-engined Cessna 210 certainly proved that. Maureen and I were on our way from Broome to the Kimberley Coastal Camp on Admiralty Gulf. To get there we left Broome and ...

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