Across Asia on the Cheap:

An old Mini to Kabul, a new one to Istanbul

24 May 2013 | Living

▲ 1972 – our Mini in Eastern Turkey with Mt Ararat in the background, that’s where Noah landed the Ark Back in 1972 Maureen and I drove a Mini we’d bought in London for £65 to Kabul in Afghanistan, sold it for a small profit and carried on all the way to Sydney...

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Across Asia on the Cheap

2 May 2013 | Media

It’s coming up for its 40th birthday in October this year, the very first Lonely Planet guidebook resulted from the trip Maureen and I made across Asia in 1972. We drove an old Minivan from London to Afghanistan, sold it in Kabul and continued by whatever form of ...

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100 Million Books

24 January 2010 | Living

Way back in 1973 Maureen and I published the first Lonely Planet guidebook. We were living in a basement flat in the Paddington, a suburb of Sydney. That's Maureen 37 years ago at the kitchen table where we put together that first book. She's still a Dylan fan. &nb...

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