Empty Skies

15 March 2019 | Transport

Of course the skies are currently empty of Boeing 737 Max aircraft, but as a result of the recent India-Pakistan dispute, from Wednesday 27 February Pakistan closed its airspace to commercial flights. All those flights between Europe and South-East Asia – Bangkok, Kua...

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787s or A380s?

27 October 2013 | Transport

The ‘which one is right’ discussion seems to be having another round, as Boeing ramps up 787 production and observers comment that nobody seems to be ordering more A380s. Four engines is two engines too many seems to be the ‘A380 doesn’t work’ message. But every fligh...

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Fix a 787?

3 August 2013 | Transport

I’ve still not flown on a Boeing 787 Deamliner – but then A380s had been in service for nearly two years before I made my first flight on the double decker Airbus. I’ve flown them on a number of occasions since, but my first flight wasn’t too successful. Due to a tech...

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Goodbye 747s

23 April 2013 | Transport

▲  A British Airways 747s at Heathrow and A Qantas 747 at Melbourne ▼ A recent story in The Independent forecast the departure of British Airway’s 747, Boeing’s jumbo has been in service since 1970, but they’re rapidly disappearing. Singapore Airlines has go...

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