Signspotting in Copenhagen

Friday, 12 June 2009

Copenhagen Signspotting
En route to the Faroe Islands I stopped off in Copenhagen and caught Doug Lansky’ Signspotting show. Doug has put together two Signspotting books for Lonely Planet, photographs of the weird and wonderful signs you bump into all over the world.

Signspotting Copenhagen 2
In Copenhagen they’re blown up to lifesize so they look just like their original context and for some reason they’re even funnier that way than in Doug’s book. Sponsored by the Scandinavian student travel organisation Kilroy they’ll be in Copenhagen until the end of the June before moving on to Arhus in Denmark, Edinburgh in Scotland for the Fringe Festival in August and then Gothenburg in Sweden.

Signspotting and the follow up Signspotting 2 can both be ordered from our website.

I’m a sign collector myself and a few of my photos pop up in Doug’s books. Click here for signs from my recent Africa bike ride. Or here for some favourites from three years back.