Rent-a-cars – share cars

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The biggest business travel story for me at the start of 2013 was the news that Avis are buying Zipcar. I’m a big fan of the car share business and although I’ve only tried it out in Melbourne (with Flexicar) I’m a card-carrying regular with Zipcar when I’m in London. My most recent Zipcar excursions included a couple of days with an electric Vauxhall Ampera (a Chevrolet Volt in the USA, a Holden Volt in Australia). ▼

I’m also an electric car fan, click here for travelling Switzerland in a Tesla. The other rent-a-car news has been here in Australia. A few days ago I was a little too close for comfort to the Tasmanian bushfires. Lots of visitors to Tasmania got stuck down at Port Arthur, the colonial-era prison site, when the fires cut the road. Eventually most of the visitors were evacuated by boat, but what happened to their rent-a-cars? I was pleased to see the major rent-a-car companies all announced that they would not be charging for cars that had not been returned and would be collecting them at their own expenses. Well done!