Pistoia & the Literary Festival

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pistoia Festival 271I was in Pistoia (half way between Pisa and Florence in Italy) on 25 May to talk travel, other festival speakers included Colin Thubron, I enjoyed To a Mountain in Tibet, his circuit of Mt Kailash book last year when I was involved with the Dolman travel writing awards in London.

In between the festival events I wandered the town, a delightful place ‘bella and piccolo’ – ‘small and beautiful’ I kept hearing. My favourite Pistoia moment was when I wandered into the large building on the central cathedral square, the Piazza Duomo. In the open courtyard in the centre there was a dog with an orange Frisbee. When somebody came in the dog would come over to you and drop the Frisbee at your feet:

Pistoia Dog 01 542

Then it would stand back and wait for you to throw the frisbee:

Pistoia Dog 02 542

Chase after it and usually catch it in midair:

Pistoia Dog 03 542

Or pick it up off the ground:

Pistoia Dog 04 542

After you tired of frisbee throwing, or the dog tired of you, it would take it over to another visitor and wait from them to throw it. I threw it three times.