Saturday, 27 March 2010

Tony and Pindaya, Burma
▲  Tony at Pindaya

North of Burma’s Inle Lake and Heho, the Shan State airport town, Pindaya makes a good escape from the tourist crowds (as much as Burma ever gets tourist crowds) and hustle of Inle Lake. It’s a good centre for walks into the surrounding hills, but it also has a popular tourist attraction, the Buddha-packed Shwe Oo Min Caves.

Pindaya cavesThere are certainly lots of Buddhas in there but the caves also feature a recreation of a local legend about a heroic prince saving helpless damsels from the giant spider with his trusty bow and arrow. Images of that nasty spider pop up all over town including a fine model of spider and prince at the entrance to the cave. The spider certainly has all the eight legs spiders normally come with, but I’m not sure about those teeth?

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