My Trip to Oman

Saturday, 5 February 2005

I’m on the road in the United Arab Emirates and Oman on the south-east corner of the Arabian Peninsula. Maureen’s riding shotgun and American writer Tad Friend, who is putting together a story about Lonely Planet for an April issue of New Yorker magazine, is coming along for the ride.

I can claim I’ve been to Oman before, but only on a brief hop-across-the-border from Al-Ain in the UAE to Buraimi. On the other hand I have been to Dubai, the mega-glitz capital of the UAE, several times in the last few years and also explored a little further into the desert. This time we’re flying in to Dubai, picking up a 4WD and heading off towards Muscat, the capital of Oman. I’ve got it in my head that Oman is like a more civilised version of Yemen – ie I don’t expect to get kidnapped – but who knows?