My Birds have Flown

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I’ve been posting some ‘end of 2009’ lists in an assortment of categories, starting with Aerial Views, then Hotels, Other Transport, Music, Cars & Drives, Galleries & Museums, BooksAnimals & Wildlife, Photographs and finally Projects, Politics & Protests.

Turtle dove chicks
▲  This is how my turtle dove chicks looked a couple of days ago

In the Animals & Wildlife posting I wrote that I had some wildlife right at home, turtle doves nesting in the courtyard in the middle of our house, directly in front of the computer where I’m sitting right now. They started with three eggs, but one was discarded along the way. It took about a month, but the two chicks hatched on 18 December and proceeded to grow like crazy. The last few days both parents have turned up each morning and I would swear they were trying to kick the little beggars out of the nest. ‘Go, fly, disappear,’ seemed to be the story. Sometime between 7 pm yesterday and 6 am this morning they got the message, they’ve both gone.