More on who flies where – Iran versus Iraq

Saturday, 9 August 2014

So most airlines can’t fly over Iraq and as a result airlines heading north or south from or to the Gulf cities (Dubai etc) are flying a little bit to the east over Iran. Including Delta and United?

The US has no diplomatic relations with Iran, US companies are not allowed to trade with Iran, so how do they handle this? If Delta and United are going to fly over Iran then they’re going to have to pay Iran for the overflight rights?

Persepolis-0104 - 540▲ Persepolis, just outside Shiraz, on my last visit to Iran

I’m looking at Flight Radar 24 right now and United flight UA 976 from Washington Dulles to Dubai is over Iran, about half way between Isfahan and Shiraz on a track a bit to the west of those two cities. Presumably it will be the same story for their flights to Kuwait or Delta’s flights between Atlanta and Dubai.

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