Friday, 29 May 2015

Why had I never been to Mallorca before? I finally got around to it with a bunch of friends, we all had a great week there, staying at the Hotel Son Paulo up in the hills at Orient. We never went near Magaluf, the package tour centre often referred to as Shagaluf.

IMG_0414- Palma, Palma-Gatwick - 540▲ Although we did fly there with easyJet, the airline of choice for Shagaluf visitors. Great views of the Pyrenees as we crossed Spain and great views of Mallorca as we circled the island before landing. This view of Palma is actually on departure.

IMG_0254 - Central Nave, Cathedral, Palma - 540▲ We did visit Palma a couple of times, this is inside the wonderful Cathedral.

IMG_0309 - Pilar & Joan Miró Foundation, Palma - 540▲ And for art fans the Joan Miró gallery, he worked in the studios adjacent to the gallery from the 1950s through the 1980s.

IMG_0329 - cycling sign - 270◄ Palma is enormously popular with cyclists, they come here to test themselves against the winding mountain roads. Tour de France teams used it as a training ground and there are lots of these signs warning you not to cycle in parallel on the twisting roads.

IMG_0358 - signs, Alaró Castle - 540▲ Although I never got on a bicycle while I was in Mallorca we did a lot of walking. The signs here direct you up to Alvaro Castle.

IMG_0347 - mule warning, refuge above Alaró Castle - 540IMG_0393 - Jardines de Alfabia - 270▲ Mules are used to carry supplies up to the café and hostel just above the castle.

◄ At the beautiful Jardines de Alfabia elements of the old house date right back to Mallorca’s Arab period.