Looking at Verona

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Dante in Piazza dei Signori 271Having looked at things in New York, Naples and Paris I’ll jump back to my April trip to Verona. I was en route to Trento and the Mountain Film Festival, but a stop in oh-so-stylish Verona is always worthwhile even if you’re not there for the opera in the Roman Arena.

◄ And there’s always plenty to look at, such as Dante musing in the Piazza dei Signori.





The shops are always full of stylish things to look at, here’s Maureen checking one of the many shoe shops. ▼

Maureen looking at shoes 542And even ‘don’t do’ signs seem to have a sense of style. ▼

Do not signs 542So do the Roman centurions, hanging around outside the Arena for tourist photo opportunities.▼

Centurions at the Arena 542