Looking at Naples

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Star Best Naples 271In the spirit of Kim Jong Il Looking at Things and yesterday’s post on looking at things in New York, here are some things I looked at on my recent visit to Naples.

◄ Starting with a Star Best Café, that’s in the spirit of the Stars & Bucks Café I came across in Ramallah on my Palestine trip.



Then there was this street stall selling toilet paper featuring Italian politicians (I bet the Berlusconi one is popular), football teams and other appropriate illustrations. ▼

Naples toilet paper 542A bit further down those ancient Naples streets we came across a shop window of very cheap and cheerful O clock watches. They’re proof that Italians really have style, €16 for watch and silicon strap and you can buy a bunch of different colours and swap the watch from one to another. ▼

O Clock Watches Naples 542

Maureen got a red one, seen at one of the Piazza Bellini cafes.  ▼

Piazza Bellini cafe 542