Innocent Street Furniture

Friday, 11 December 2015

What is it about street furniture, signs in particular, that seems to almost magnetically attract vehicles off the road and into disastrous collisions? Well disastrous for the signposts at least. These ‘accidents’ seem to build up to a crescendo just before Christmas, at this time of year I can’t drive, bicycle or walk anywhere without coming across another innocent sign mown down in the prime of its life.

IMG_2662 - 540▲ Keep Left signs are particularly prone to destruction. What happens – motorist comes along and thinks ‘damn it, I am  not going to Keep Left, you die!’

IMG_2673 - 540▲ But even in the middle of the city a harmless Night Rider bus sign can suddenly be attacked.

IMG_2703 - 540▲ Cruise almost the entire length of Melbourne’s M3 Eastern Freeway, take the turn off to the Chandler Highway and what does someone do? Fail to turn left towards Kew and run smack into the Chandler Highway sign.

???????????????????????????????Bad Driving▲ Another harmless Keep Left sign bites the pavement.

◄ Of course if you notice something interesting you can be certain someone else will have taken note of the same thing. Photographer Louis Porter has published Bad Driving, a slim book of his photographs of the results of careless motorists’ off road excursions.