I Still Love Bali

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Travelling from Melbourne to London earlier this week Maureen and I stopped off in Bali for a few days and I was reminded all over again why I like Bali – and Indonesia – so much:

Offerings at the door of a shop on Monkey Forest Rd in Ubud. Because these daily offerings are left at ground level it’s clear they’re not intended for the gods. These are pay-offs, bribes, to evil spirits or demons. To ensure they stay outside, don’t enter the shop and cause mischief. Or poor sales.

frogComing back to our room one night a little frog hopped on to Maureen’s foot in the courtyard outside the room. And then hopped lazily away.


It’s 730 am and these school kids are about to go into school near the Campuhan Bridge in Ubud, Indonesian schoolkids always look so neat and tidy in their uniforms.

Walking on a footpath between Sayan and Ubud that morning I passed this noticeboard in the village of Penestanan. Clearly foreign visitors staying in Penestanan are very interested in psychic healing and other new age pursuits. My favourite sign on this board was from a lady who announced she’s been working with ‘many Ascending Masters and Archangels.’ No wonder she could offer    ‘x-ray clairvoyance.’