Havana Street Scenes

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Havana is a great city for people watching, whether they are Cubans or visitors.

IMG_6078 - flamenco dancer Antonio Gade - 540.▲ Lounging in Plaza de la Catedral beside the statue of flamenco dancer Antonio Gade lounging against a pillar. There are lots of statues like this one around Havana – variously lounging, striding, looking imperious, whatever suits the image.

IMG_6190 - San Rafael at night, Havana - 540▲ Pedestrianised San Rafael is one of the city’s busiest streets, night or day.

IMG_6453 - Havana street scene - 540▲ An old English Ford Consul (my grandfather had one) rather than the usual Detroit automobiles on Calle Concordia. Even the most run down and deserted streets in Havana feel quite safe.