Eastbound Day 4 – 225 miles – Stove Pipe Wells to Las Vegas

Tuesday, 29 March 1994

driving through Death ValleyFrom Stove Pipe Wells we meandered through Death Valley with the short climb up Zabriskie Point, drive through 20 Mule Team Canyon and Artist’s Canyon, walk through Golden Canyon, lunch at Furnace Creek and make the obligatory stop at the lowest point in the USA, Bad Water. This is another place I could happily return to and explore in more detail. Again time was marching on by the time we left the valley and pointed the Caddy’s acre of chromed nose towards Las Vegas.






sea level in Death ValleyNot wanting to get caught out again we’d phoned ahead to book rooms although our first choice, the Luxor pyramid, was booked out, all 2500 rooms of it.



By 8 pm we were out on the town and saw a fire breathing dragon at the Excalibur, an exploding volcano at the Mirage and rode ‘the best ride ever’ (according to Tashi and Kieran) at the Luxor. And, compared to Stove Pipe Wells, we ate twice as well for half the price. The Mirage’s volcano (every 15 minutes after dark) was actually visible from the kid’s room. Each eruption probably uses enough gas to propel the Caddy for, oh, 20 miles.