Chongqing – Day 24 along the Silk Road by MGB

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Day 24 of the 102 day drive from Bangkok to London along the Silk Road by MGB and Day 7 into China brings us to Chongqing. Population 7 million and one of China’s go go cities.

IMG_3971 - Qianximen Bridge, Chongqing - 540▲ It’s evident in the architecture, like the Qianximen Bridge across the Jialing River, just before the confluence with the Yangtse River. It’s a terrific looking bridge, but it’s only one of what seems like dozens of terrific looking new bridges we’ve crossed in our China drive. So far.

IMG_3949 - Guotai Arts Centre, Chongqing - 540▲ Or the stunning Guotai Arts Centre, a building which definitely has a high wow factor.

IMG_3955 - dancers outside the Guotai Arts Centre, Chongqing - 540▲ But it’s also evident in people enjoying themselves, they’re out on the street, looking happy and energetic. Here they are dancing on the forecourt of the Guotai Centre.

IMG_3907 - ice creams, Hongyadong, Chongqing - 540▲ Or buying these great looking ice creams in the Hongyadong Complex on the riverside.

IMG_3965 - People's Liberation Monument & name brands, Chongqing - 540▲ A wonderful juxtaposition, the People’s Liberation Monument, a symbol of Communist China, is today surrounded by every lux European name brand you could think of: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Ermenegildo Zegna, Cartier, Armani, they’re all here.

IMG_3970 - drones & planes on the street, Hongyadong, Chongqing - 540▲On busy Cangbai Lu this guy is flying drones out over the traffic (and selling them) and then a delta winged plane which zooms across the road, rockets up above the people on the terrace above the river and performs acrobatics high above them before gliding back low across the traffic to land in his hand

IMG_3921 - 500 Arhats Temple, Chongqing - 540▲ There’s even the odd corner of an older China, two of the 500 arhats in the Arhat Temple, they’ve achieved enlightenment and will reach nirvana when they die.