China Trip – 4th Stop Xiao Family Compound

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

China roads - Pingyao to Taiyuan 542
▲ I flew in to China from San Francisco to Beijing, took another flight to Taiyuan, continued by train to Pingyao, made a little bicycle side trip out to the Shangluin Temple and then tracked back to Beijing. The first leg was by car back to Taiyuan, stopping en route at the Xiao Family Compound and realising en route why you need six-lane freeways through the country. The farmyard load can take up 2-1/2 lanes.

Xiao Family Compound 542
▲ The Xiao Family’s home was much like the courtyard homes I’d explored in Pingyao, but on a much larger scale. It was used as a set for the film Raise the Red Lantern, which helps to make it a major destination for Chinese tourists.