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Butt Juice or Lunker Lotion?

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Vegetarian?I really liked Alaska perhaps, as I noted in my Nome blog, because so many Alaskans are boys. They may all have beards, but none of them are over 12 years of age. Lots of the girls are boys as well, they’d leave me for dead when it comes to fishin’, shootin’ or huntin’.  They know the truth about vegetarians for example.


Then there was the Alaskan equivalent of the perfume counter, who needs Chanel No 5 or Obsession when you’ve got Butt Juice and Lunker Lotion on offer? Presumably an Alaskan girl can head straight for something a real male would really appreciate, something that would attract a halibut if nothing else.

Butt Juice

Lunker Lotion

Fish WorshipI liked the wry artwork from Ray Troll which pops up on postcards, T-shirts and posters, often taking a sideways glance at the Alaskan enthusiasm for fishing. This one was a favourite.





Bear bellIf you’re travelling in bear country it’s wise to make some noise to warn bears of your approach. Although Alaskans joke that these souvenir bear bells are actually dinner bells, ‘you ring the bell, the bear comes and eats you.’ I liked the handy instructions:

• Ring bell
• Scream
• Run
• Change underwear





Nome signsThis wall of signs was on a building in Nome: