Brisbane – Bicycles & Do Do Land

Sunday, 23 November 2014

IMG_8038 - Brisbane bicycle hire 270◄  Seems like everywhere I go these days has recently signed up to a bicycle rental scheme. I’ve posted about my encounters with them in London, Paris, Melbourne, New York, San Francisco and now Brisbane. Back in September I was in Brisbane for the Brisbane Writers Festival and one afternoon set out with a friend to try the new scheme out. Seems like anywhere you go the rental systems are put in either by a Canadian company in Montreal or by a French company. This one was the French model although curiously their website was named abo-brisbane-cyclocity, calling something abo-brisbane didn’t seem like a good idea to me!

IMG_8041 - whales, Queensland Museum 540▲ With Jeff I picked up a bike near the Queensland Museum Whale Mall with its wonderful humpback whale models.

IMG_8027 - Submariners Walk 540▲ And we rode along the Submariners Walk Heritage Trail, the stretch of the Brisbane River where US Navy submarines were based during WW II.

IMG_8020 - Brisbane bicycle path 270◄ Passing this typical cycle trail sign which – equally typically – every cyclist was ignoring.





IMG_8021 - Brisbane bicycle path 270◄  Although somebody at the local council seemed to have a sense of humour about it.



IMG_8031 - Gasworks 270





◄ Our ride ended at the Gasworks from where we turned around a retraced our riverside route.












IMG_8055 - Do Do Land 270

◄ The Writers Festival coincided with the Brisbane Arts Festival which featured lots of activity around the city. In particular the amazing aerial performances by the Spanish troupe Do Do Land.











One of those routines which leaves you breathless, where ‘wow’ is the only thing you can say. ▼  IMG_8098 - Do Do Land 540