Belgrade Aviation Museum

Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Nikola Tesla Museum was a highpoint of my recent visit to Serbia, but as I left I visited another superb museum. Out at Belgrade Airport, only a five minute stroll from the Nikolai Tesla Airport Terminal is a very interesting aviation museum. Housed in a flying-saucer-like building are all sorts of very well preserved aircraft from first flight stuff through to recent Sukhois and Migs plus bits of a USAF stealth fighter (shot down?) from the ‘NATO aggression.’

???????????????????????????????▲ Assorted aircraft are ‘the only one left’ or ‘the only original one, not a reproduction.’ Like the Messerschmitt Bf 109.

???????????????????????????????▲ Outside, and not in such good condition, is a huge, dusty collection including what looks like half the Yugoslav Air Force’s final squadron plus wonderful oddities like a Junkers Tri-Motor and a beautiful (well if it was cleaned, painted and polished it would be) Sud Aviation Caravelle.

???????????????????????????????▲ The French built Caravelle was the most beautiful jet airliner ever many will say.