Beijing Ducks, T-shirts & Tanks

Saturday, 26 October 2013

I travelled through Shanxi Province in China recently, kicking off in Beijing and continuing through Taiyuan, Pingyao, Datong and back to Beijing with assorted excursions in particular to the amazing Buddhist caves at Yungang just outside Datong.

rubber duck 542
interesting T-shirt 271▲ Earlier this year I’d noted how this photo of rubber ducks, standing in for the 1989 tanks in Tiananmen Square had resulted in the search term ‘Big Yellow Duck’ being banned by the ever vigilant Chinese government censors. (Photograph: Twitter/

◄ So I was a little surprised when I was in Beijing to spot this T-shirt. A little risky I would have thought, but the gentleman wearing it was quite relaxed about the banned image on his chest.

Amusingly rubber ducks had featured in BMW’s launch of the Mini Countryman in Xiamen in 2011, I went along to take part in that China launch. ▼
Xiamen Countryman launch 542