Saturday, 25 December 2010

Fernando do NoronhaTo be honest I’m not really a beach person, I get bored sitting around and even without visiting any beaches I get too much sun during the year. Nevertheless I had several great days on an assortment of fine beaches on the Brazilian island of Fernando do Noronha and let’s face, if you’re going to do beach there’s no better place than Brazil. Except perhaps Australia.

Beach on Fernando do Noronha





During the year there were two visits to Thai beach islands – Ko Samui and Phuket – but I can live without their beaches. On the other hand the Russians certainly can’t live without Phuket, they’ve totally taken over as the island’s number one visitors. And then there was a visit to Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk on the east coast of England. Not by-the-Sea or on-the-Sea mind you, next-the-Sea. A classic British seaside town and delightful. ▼
Wells next the Sea