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Friday, 4 November 2011

Thamel Chaos

TW at KTG▲  Before and after my recent Mustang trek I paused in Kathmandu arriving and departing. It was my first visit in 8 years and it was a pleasure to find so many things completely unchanged, like the chaos of travel business signs in Thamel, the backpacker centre of the city.

◄  On the other hand I don’t remember finding my name set in the pathway at the entrance to the Kathmandu Guest House. It was the first time I’d stayed in that iconic Thamel guest house in many years and, my name apart, that was pretty much as I remembered it as well.







Ditto for Bodhnath, no visit to Kathmandu is complete without a visit to that most photogenic Buddhist stupa.  ►




The Garden of Dreams opened since my last visit, it’s the beautiful gardens of the old Kaiser Palace. The palace is on the fringes of Thamel and had become completely run down over the last 40 years. Today the gardens at least are back in perfect order.  ▼
Kaiser Palace gardens