Back to Afghanistan

Wednesday, 31 May 2006

I’ve been back on the hippy trail, revisiting those places Maureen and I travelled through on the very first Lonely Planet trip. Except no way did I plan to go to Kandahar in the south of Afghanistan, I stuck strictly to the safer regions. But this time I did get to Bamiyan, even if the bloody Taliban demolished the Buddhas.

lunch at a roadside chaikhanna, an Afghan teahouse

Day 1 – Kabul
Day 2 – Herat
Days 3-5 – to the Minaret of Jam & back
Days 6-9 – back to Kabul, to Bamiyan & Band-i-Amir
Days 10-12 – Mazar-i-Sharif & Panjshir Valley
Days 13 & 14 – Kabul