Assorted Observations

Friday, 25 May 2012

Crowe & Costello
▲  The Gladiator of Guitar
We caught Elvis Costello performing at the Albert Hall on Wednesday night and in the penultimate encore who should stride on stage to join him but – as Costello put it – the gladiator of guitar, Russell Crowe. OK it’s hard to tell from this photo (taken from the circle, with my phone), but that’s him.

▲  Skateboard Art
In the Brooklyn Museum while we were in New York earlier this month.

Rockefeller Centre◄  Rockefeller Centre
While Maureen was exercising her credit card on 5th Ave I dropped into the Rockefeller Centre – yet again. Is there any limit to how many times you can enjoy the Rockefeller Centre?

Bishop & Devil
▲  A Tempted Bishop
And yet another New York Rockefeller project, the Cloisters, a collection of European medieval religious structures. I liked this painting of St Andrew saving a bishop who is about to fall for the temptations offered by a woman who in reality is the devil. Of course, who else but the devil would be tempting a bishop? Said besotted bishop is clearly blissfully unaware of the devilish wings the lady is sprouting.

Cat & Mutton
▲  Where do they get these names?
Like the Cat & Mutton – back in London yesterday I noted this intriguingly named pub on Broadway Market, just south of London Field.