Aspendos – a big theatre & a stunning aqueduct

Monday, 16 June 2014

The great theatre at Aspendos, it seats 15,000 and is probably the best-preserved theatre from Roman times, is regularly used for performances. It was also undergoing some heavy-duty renovation work when I visited the site so it was not possible to go inside. Aspendos is less than 50km along the coast from Antalya.

IMG_5815 - Basilica, Aspendos 542▲ Basilica at Aspendos

The rest of the site doesn’t get the same attention as the great theatre, but the Basilica and the Nymphaeum, looking like a bare bones version of the wonderful Antonine Nymphaeum and fountain at Sagalassos, are both worth a visit.

IMG_5820 - Aqueduct, Aspendos 542▲ Aqueduct at Aspendos

For me it was the stunning aqueduct which is the real highlight. From the ancient city’s hilltop location the ruined arches stride out across the countryside then swing a bend and head off towards the hills in the distance.