Around the World in 50 Years

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Around the World in 50 YearsWhen I got off the plane in Nauru during my travels for Dark Lands I immediately bumped into Albert Podell. There aren’t a lot of reasons to go to Nauru, if you aren’t unlucky enough to be a refugee who has become entangled in Australia’s Pacific Solution and has been shipped to Australia’s Pacfic prison camp for an indeterminate time with an uncertain end result.

I could guess that Albert was there because he was on a quest to set foot on every country on earth. At the time he had just eight countries to go and I listed those eight in a ‘just 8 countries left’ blog.’ Now he’s done the lot and the epic story has just been published as Around the World in 50 Years.


My blurb line appears on the back cover: ‘Setting out on mad travel quests is bound to be fun, especially when the movie is Crocodile Dundee, produced by Monty Python and directed by Woody Allen.’