Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Amalganations 271It’s the heady mix of ‘West meets the rest’ as Doug Hendrie checks out assorted collisions between the developing world and the new ideas and technology. Doug travels to South Korea to see how videogames have become a national sport. He visits the Philippines to observe how a staunchly Catholic country comes to terms with its gay population. In Ghana he discovers the ‘cinema of the people’ where internet scams, sorcery and melodrama are big parts of the picture. Finally he travels Indonesia to listen to the strange impact of punk music and punk rockers.

And I wrote the cover blurb for Amalganations: ‘We’re used to carting our travel discoveries home, but as Doug Hendrie proves it’s a two way trade. Particularly when high tech, sex and style make the most unexpected converts.’

Doug and I have a couple of joint appearances coming up in Australia, check my Upcoming Events pages for more details.