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A Fold-up Daypack

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Daypack - folded◄ I’m a fan of fold-up bags, I often carry one with me that can be used if you’re doing a sidetrip and want to leave stuff behind at a hotel. Or some unexpected acquisitions means you need extra carrying capacity. A fold-up daypack seemed like a nice idea, something you can pull out when you’ve not got your regular daypack with you and you just need something to carry your guidebook, camera and a water bottle.



Day pack - unfoldedRecently I found an Eagle Creek fold-up daypack which did the job very nicely. And then I came across this even more compact version from Sea to Summit.Squeezed down it’s as small as a smart phone, unpacked it’s a useful size. Where did I find it? In the new Lonely Planet shop which opened at Manchester Airport a week ago. ►