Jeju Olle

14 November 2011 | Places

Maureen and I went to Jeju, the holiday island dangling off the southern end of the Korean Peninsula, for the World Trail Conference, a get together for walking trail organisers and administrators from around the world. ◄ with Suh Myung-sook While we were in Jej...

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Cycling Canberra

10 May 2011 | Places

◄ My shadow and my fold-up-Brompton bicycle beside Lake Burley Griffin in Australia’s capital Canberra. I was in Canberra to do a talk for the government’s Intellectual Property Australia organization, brought my bicycle with me and did something I’ve been meaning to ...

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Australia Day – Penshurst & Hamilton

27 January 2011 | Places

Most Australia Days – 26 January each year – I head out somewhere in the state of Victoria as part of the Australia Day Ambassador programme – I’m an ambassador! This year I went out to the Western District, to the towns of Penshurst and Hamilton. Penshurst (popula...

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Return of the Yabby

24 January 2011 | The rest

A yabby, cherax destructor The past few weeks Australia has been devastated by floods, particularly in Queensland and in my state, Victoria. These floods follow more than a decade of equally damaging drought. Every year I head out somewhere in Victoria for Aus...

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I Never Saw it Coming

17 December 2010 | Living

On 15 December an overloaded Indonesian fishing boat attempting to get Middle East refugees into Australia ran ashore on Christmas Island, an isolated Australian territory off to the west of Java. The ship’s engine failed and the ship broke up on the rocky coast, at l...

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