10 Books

23 December 2010 | Media

There were lots of interesting books in 2010 – fiction and non-fiction, travel and standing still. Here are 10 I found particularly interesting, starting with 5 travel books: Country Driving – Peter Hessler’s look at contemporary China from behind the steering wheel ...

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Car Sharing

25 June 2010 | Transport

Bicycle sharing schemes are all the go – I’ve posted blogs about my experiences with them in Melbourne (where the Melbourne Bike Share scheme launched just a few weeks ago) and in Paris (I was in Paris in 2007, not long after the Vélib’ scheme launched). Car sharin...

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Tit for Tat – or Reciprocal Fees

1 June 2010 | Living

Transiting Buenos Aires recently I encountered this sign in the immigration area at the air- port. Canad- ians were up for a single entry fee of US$70 if they wanted to enter Argen- tina. For Aus- tralians it was US$100, but not single entry, pre- sumably once they’d ...

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Map Addict

1 May 2010 | Media

Quite the funniest – and surprisingly funniest – travel book I’ve read this year. The review line on the cover – ‘Excellent Book’ Daily Telegraph – makes it sound utterly bland and boring, but the byline that it’s about ...

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Fly by Wire

5 April 2010 | Media

I thought I’d read quite enough about the January 2009 US Airways flight which ended up  in the Hudson River in New York, but I was given a copy of this book and couldn’t put it down. William Langewiesche has written widely on aviation topics (amongst other things). H...

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