Aspendos – a big theatre & a stunning aqueduct

16 June 2014 | Places

The great theatre at Aspendos, it seats 15,000 and is probably the best-preserved theatre from Roman times, is regularly used for performances. It was also undergoing some heavy-duty renovation work when I visited the site so it was not possible to go inside. Aspendos...

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Termessos – big stones

14 June 2014 | Places

Antalya, the Turkish coastal resort town, has three nearby archaeological sites – Aspendos, Perge and Termessos. After the impressive restoration work I’d seen at Sagalassos, Termessos was a real contrast. This was a ruin in a truly ruined state. As we drove up to ...

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Sagalassos – an amazing Greek-Roman site in Turkey

12 June 2014 | Places

My circuit of Turkish archaeological sites continued to Sagalassos, about 120km inland from the resort city of Antalya. It’s a remarkable site because extensive work on the site only commenced in the mid-1980s, led by a team from Belgium under Marc Waelkens. So its de...

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Göreme, Cappadocia & Hot Air Balloons

4 June 2014 | Places

The next stop on our Turkey circuit was Göreme, Maureen and I were there way back in 1972 and we’ve never been back. ▲ Göreme is the principal village in the fairytale district of Cappadocia, noted for its lunar landscape of ‘fairy chimneys.’ Over the centuries the...

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Nemrut Dağı

1 June 2014 | Places

My second stop in a GHF tour of Turkish archaeological sites was at mysterious Nemrut Dagi. Note that there are two mountains name Nemrut Dağı in Turkey, this is the one further to the west. The long and winding road to the mountain top, followed by a winding climb fr...

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