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Yuz Museum, Shanghai

25 October 2014 | Culture

▲ Take the nose and tail of three private jets past their use-by date, join them together with long twisting tubes and turn them into three snakes writhing across the gallery floor. It’s Telle mère tel fils by Adel Abdessemed. Art galleries are all the go in China ...

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Chinese Guidebooks, Chinese Authors

4 February 2012 | Media

▲ Lonely Planet guidebooks have been available in Chinese for nearly 6 years now, Maureen and I went to China to help launch them in 2006, you can even read the Lonely Planet Story in Chinese. ▲ The most exciting development, however, was when with our Chinese ...

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Country Driving

25 May 2010 | Media

Terrific. Peter Hessler has written the best book I’ve read on contemporary everyday China. Depending on where you see Country Driving it might be subtitled Three Journeys Across a Changing China or A Journey through China from Farm to Factory. Peter, a long term Chin...

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Lost on Planet China

16 January 2009 | Media

J  Maarten Troost’s recently published book on China, Lost on Planet China, seems to follow the Paul Theroux school of travel writing, the grumpier I am the better the experience. By the end I was a little fed up with his constant complaints about pollution, greedy ta...

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Interesting Hotels

3 October 2005 | Living

I sleep in a lot of hotels, there were about 90 different ones in the last year – as well as some nights in tents, a few nights in trains and boats and rather too many nights on aircraft. I kicked off this hotel list with 14 hotels I found particularly interesting ove...

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