Man Ray 271

Man Ray at Montparnasse Cemetery

23 June 2013 | Culture

Staying in Montparnasse in Paris a couple of weeks ago I made a last minute dash down the road to the Montparnasse Cemetery. ◄ I had a quick glance at the grave of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.   Then I stopped by Serge Gainsbourg’s grave ...

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Autolib Paris 02 271

Autolib – Car Sharing French Style

17 June 2013 | Transport

Car sharing systems are all the go, I’m a card carrying enthusiast for Zipcar in London and I’ve tried out (and just rejoined) Flexicar in Melbourne. The French were fairly pioneering with bicycle sharing and their Velib system has been a big hit. So it’s hardly su...

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Marais waving QE2s 542

Looking at Paris

13 June 2013 | Culture

▲ I’ve had a look at New York and at Naples so today it’s Paris, last week’s trip. Wandering through the Marais I noted this window display of Queen Elizabeths, each QE2 energetically swivelling her wrist in true British royal family fashion. ▲ Still in the Marais ...

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1000 Idees de Vacances en France

1000 Ideas for a Vacation in France

1 June 2013 | Media

I'm off to France next week to help mark 20 years of Lonely Planet publishing in French. Recently I wrote the foreword to '1000 Idées de Vacances en France.' You can't get it in English, but here's my original - pre-translation - contribution. It’s first trips ...

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Airline Lessons

6 October 2012 | Transport

You can always discover another way things can go wrong with the logistics of flying. We’re in Kashgar in the far west of China and checking in to fly Kashgar-Urumqi (everything to the far western side of China goes through Urumqi) and on to Guangzhou. From there we’l...

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