Los Angeles:

Hotels – cheap & expensive, good & bad

21 June 2010 | Living

Last week I was in Macau speaking at a hotel conference, most of the conference was numbers and business,  but my talk was light relief, hotels I’ve loved and hated, whether they were cheap – the Chhaya Hotel in Battambang, Cambodia in 2005 was US$4 and just fine. Cli...

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Hotels – The Worst One & Some Good Ones in 2009

15 December 2009 | Living

The worst hotel of the year? McAlpine House in Broome, Western Australia. In 2009 I stayed in about 70 different hotels in 16 countries. Many of them were strictly one night stands although there were a fair number of two or three nighters, the longest visit was si...

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My First A380 Flight – delays and airline ‘untruths’

8 August 2009 | Transport

It’s taken nearly two years – the first A380 commercial flight was by Singapore Airlines, Singapore-Sydney on 25 October 2007 – but I’ve finally flown on the new double-decker Airbus. There are now 17 of them in operation and when I turned up at Los Angeles to fly hom...

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Electric Cars in London & Los Angeles

13 May 2009 | Transport

Last month London’s mayor Boris Johnson announced his intention to make London an electric car city with 100,000 electric cars in the city, about 5% of London’s two million cars. Installing 25,000 charging points for electric cars by 2015 would help to meet that targe...

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The Lost Art of Walking

6 January 2009 | Media

Geoff Nicholson’s amusing and illuminating ramble through the history of walking starts with a useful quote: ‘Walking isn’t a lost art: one must, by some means, get to the garage.’ Having got that clarification out of the way Nicholson proceeds to walk around Los A...

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