Ostia Antica – where is the mosaic?

8 August 2014 | Places

Lido di Ostia is the beach resort for Rome, it’s nothing special but convenient if you’re flying out of Rome Fiumicino, the main Rome airport. I had an early morning flight so I decided to stay there and have a look at Ostia Antica, it was the port for ancient Rome, b...

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Refugees – boats, seas, deserts & deaths

26 August 2013 | Living

I’ve been bumping into the refugee question repeatedly in the past couple of weeks – and I know I’m going to collide with it lots more times in the weeks to come. Australia has a general election on 7 September – that’s less than two weeks away – and both sides (Kevin...

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Looking at Verona

18 June 2013 | Culture

Having looked at things in New York, Naples and Paris I’ll jump back to my April trip to Verona. I was en route to Trento and the Mountain Film Festival, but a stop in oh-so-stylish Verona is always worthwhile even if you’re not there for the opera in the Roman Arena....

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Three Hotels in Italy

9 June 2013 | Living

Our recent Italy trip featured three interesting hotels. In Pistoia for the Dialoghi sull’uomo literary festival we stayed in the Hotel Patria, Via Cripi 8/12 – on the edge of the old town, friendly, efficient, stylishly old fashioned and with great views from our roo...

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3 June 2013 | Places

▲ A mosaic from Pompeii in the Museo Archeological Nazionale The third stop on my recent Italian trip, after Pistoia and the island of Capri, was Naples, that most down to earth of southern Italian cities. It’s a place which positively drips history, you can fe...

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