Robinson Crusoe Island

4 March 2010 | Places

I was in Haiti in 2007, less than two years before the disastrous earthquake hit the Caribbean Island. Back in 1998 I was on another island that’s recently suffered earthquake damage, Chile’s Robinson Crusoe Island. Eight people on the island are known to have lost th...

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Poor Haiti

14 January 2010 | Living

I visited the country in 2008 and despite the many problems the Caribbean nation faced I had an extraordinarily interesting time there and never felt unsafe.  Even when I had to find a ride back to my hotel in Port-au-Prince on the back of a motorcycle taxi in the ear...

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Other Transport of 2008

25 December 2008 | Transport

I’m running through my travel lists for 2008, we started with 10 interesting hotels, moved on to my best music experiences and  then the views out the window from my favourite flights. Next it was cars & drives and then museums, galleries & exhibitions followe...

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Photographs of 2008

23 December 2008 | Places

I’m running through some travel lists for 2008. I’ve ticked off interesting hotels, my best music experiences, great flights, cars & drives and then museums, galleries & exhibitions. Today it's some favourite photographs of 2008. They're not necessarily my bes...

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Music of 2008

19 December 2008 | Culture

Electric violinist Sally Jo of Saharadja plays in Ubud, Bali I'm running through my travel lists of 2008, yesterday I started with 10 Hotels, today it's Music. Music in 2008 included seven operas, a play about music and a music cruise along the Great Barrier Re...

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