Bath Abbey - upwards 271

Looking at Bath

26 June 2013 | Culture

In my recent tradition of ‘looking at things’ on my recent travels here are my favourite sights in Bath, that most Roman of English towns. And a terrible comfortable English town today. In the town centre the Abbey Church of St Peter & St Paul, started out as a Be...

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Pitts River Museum 542

Pitt Rivers Museum

22 June 2013 | Culture

Driving through Oxford, Maureen and I stopped to look at the Pitt Rivers Museum. It opened back in 1887 after Mr Pitt-Rivers donated his 20,000 item ethnographic collection to the university. Since then the collection has expanded to 300,000 items, all the sort of t...

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English Channel 542

Across the English Channel

1 May 2013 | Transport

Flying from Verona in Italy to London Gatwick in England I could look north from my British Airways 737 window seat and see just how close England (on the left) is to France (on the right).

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Argo & the missing Paykans

12 December 2012 | Media

▲ Paykans and the Ayatollah in Isfahan OK it’s a movie, not a book or an article – I went to see Argo the Ben Affleck film about getting six American diplomats out of Tehran during the 1980 Iran ‘hostage crisis’. Great movie although it’s been criticised for glor...

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A Tourist Museum – Russell-Cotes in Bournemouth

14 November 2012 | Culture

My recent southern England museum tour included one more interesting place, the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum. Merton Russell-Cotes was a tourism pioneer in Bournemouth, one of the towns which pioneered ‘going to the seaside’ tourism in England. He bought...

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