Colourful fixies 271

Bicycles in China

21 October 2013 | Transport

▲ I like this one! A colourful Chinese fixie. While I was in San Francisco earlier in the month I noted that share bikes had arrived in the Bay Area. And there were some interesting bike trends around. From there I flew to Beijing, enjoying some wonderful views o...

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Hands Off 542

China Signs

20 October 2013 | Culture

▲ I like the straightforward nature of Chinese signs, perhaps they’re not so abrupt in Chinese, but translated into English they come across in a very direct fashion. Like this one. ◄ Or this ‘clean my room’ hotel door hanger at my hotel in Taiyuan, no messing ar...

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The Karakoram Highway Flood

27 December 2012 | Transport

▲ Cruising the Karakoram Highway When Maureen and I travelled up the Karakoram Highway through northern Pakistan into China in September we had periodic delays and stoppages. A couple of landslides blocked the road, there were political protests because of that ‘...

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27 October 2012 | Places

Before my recent trip up the Karakoram Highway through northern Pakistan to Kashgar in China I spent a day on a side trip to the Murree hill station and looking around Islamabad. On my last visit to Pakistan in early 2006 I went to the ancient Buddhist site at Taxila,...

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Karakoram Pictures

19 October 2012 | Places

▲ Our Karakoram Highway (KKH) trip from Islamabad in Pakistan to Kashgar in China certainly provided some great images, like this one of a very dangerous looking Pakistani petrol tanker. ◄ Pakistan’s often very modern petrol stations regularly advertised that t...

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