IMG_8649 - highway Rongjiang to Guiyang - 540

Travelling Guizhou Province, China

28 October 2014 | Places

I spent a few days looking around Guizhou. It is (or was) the poorest province in China, a place ‘without three li of flat land, three days of fine weather, or three coins to rub together.’ It’s also a place where, clearly, an awful lot of development is happening. ...

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IMG_8214 - aircraft, Yuz Museum 540

Yuz Museum, Shanghai

25 October 2014 | Culture

▲ Take the nose and tail of three private jets past their use-by date, join them together with long twisting tubes and turn them into three snakes writhing across the gallery floor. It’s Telle mère tel fils by Abdel Abdessemed. Art galleries are all the go in China...

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Colourful fixies 271

Bicycles in China

21 October 2013 | Transport

▲ I like this one! A colourful Chinese fixie. While I was in San Francisco earlier in the month I noted that share bikes had arrived in the Bay Area. And there were some interesting bike trends around. From there I flew to Beijing, enjoying some wonderful views o...

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Hands Off 542

China Signs

20 October 2013 | Culture

▲ I like the straightforward nature of Chinese signs, perhaps they’re not so abrupt in Chinese, but translated into English they come across in a very direct fashion. Like this one. ◄ Or this ‘clean my room’ hotel door hanger at my hotel in Taiyuan, no messing ar...

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The Karakoram Highway Flood

27 December 2012 | Transport

▲ Cruising the Karakoram Highway When Maureen and I travelled up the Karakoram Highway through northern Pakistan into China in September we had periodic delays and stoppages. A couple of landslides blocked the road, there were political protests because of that ‘...

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