IMG_2902 - Shard - 270

The Shard – from a 777

12 August 2015 | Transport

So often the views out the window are superb, like on Cathay Pacific CX-257 from Hong Kong to London last week. We started off by flying south out of Hong Kong, before turning north and flying right over Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. We continued north across China...

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The Warwick Writing Prize & Skyfaring

15 July 2015 | Media

I’m one of the five judges for the 2015 Warwick Prize for Writing and yes, I am a graduate of Warwick University. The panel of judges is chaired by A L Kennedy and include Robert Macfarlane, I recently read his enchanted walking book The Old Ways. It’s not my first ti...

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IMG_0113 - Qantas into LAX - 540

Airline Seating – at the sharp end in particular

8 June 2015 | Transport

There’s constant discussion about how many seats airlines can stuff in. They all seem intent on shoving in one more across the aircraft or squeezing the ‘pitch,’ the distance between one row and the next, in order to get more passengers on board. But that’s back in ec...

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IMG_0443 - 540

Bicycle Tracks, Bicycle Signs

7 June 2015 | Transport

▲ On a recent visit to Turin in Italy I encountered this nice bicycle warning, admonishing cyclists not to go speeding down the laneway next to the Egyptian Museum, scattering pedestrians in all directions. ◄ I posted a recent photo of something I encountered o...

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IMG_2497 - cycle path parking 540

Parking on the Cycle Path

14 April 2015 | Transport

Three mornings a week in Melbourne I ride about 6km along this cycle path to the gym. Yesterday I came past this point on my way to the gym, but when I came back after my 30 minute session someone had parked right in the middle of the path.

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