IMG_3679 - Havana cars 58 Edsel 542

Cuba – the old American cars are still there

30 March 2014 | Culture

After Mexico I flew on from Cancun to Havana, 13 years since I was there last. Way back then I’d gone thinking ‘better get there before Fidel falls off the perch.’ Well all those years later he’s still there, or at least still there behind the scenes. Brother Raul is ...

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IMG_3393 - en route to Mexico 542

Flying to Mexico

13 March 2014 | Transport

The wonders of flying ‘Great Circle’ routes never cease to amaze me. You fly between Australia and southern Africa (Jo’burg say) or southern South America (Buenos Aires) and a glance at the map and you think it’s straight across the Indian Ocean or the southern South ...

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BOAC Stratocruiser 542

British Airways

9 March 2014 | Living

Got a few hours to kill at Heathrow? Well if you’ve arranged it in advance – or you’re an important enough British Airways or One World frequent flyer – you could go have a look at the British Airways Speedbird Centre, a neat little museum tracking the Imperial Airway...

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Hewa Bora 727 542

Winglets – old & new

8 March 2014 | Transport

‘Winglets,’ those little flick up bits at the end of an aircraft’s wings, are all the go. They first appeared on an assortment of gliders and privates jets, but as regular passengers we probably first saw them on the Boeing 747-400 from 1985. Forget the buzzwords and ...

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Tony & Tesla Model S 542

Another Electric Car – the Tesla Model S

7 March 2014 | Transport

Anyone who follows this website will know I have an interest in electric (or Hybrid) cars. I owned a Toyota Prius for nearly six years – and sold it to my sister so it’s still in the family. With care and a light foot I managed to drive nearly 5km purely on battery po...

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