IMG_6603 - Il Pirata, Morgan, taxi - 270

Panamá Viejo – Old Panama

30 April 2016 | Places

◄ We followed this taxi flying a pirate flag from an aerial. ‘Ah, il pirata,’ my driver commented. And then, somewhat ruefully: ‘Morgan.’ You can’t get away from Sir Henry Morgan, the English pirate who comprehensively sacked Panama back in 1671. Nearly 350 years l...

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IMG_1468 - Mossak-Fonseca office - 20cm - 540

Panama City Buildings

30 April 2016 | Places

After my visit to Cuba – last gasp centre of fast-fading Communism – I travelled to Panama just as it became the worldwide symbol of greedy grasping Capitalism. Yes, the Panama Papers story broke just a day before I arrived in Panama City. So I looked up where ground ...

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IMG_6254  - Iglesia de San Francisco - 270

Santiago de Cuba & its Churches

29 April 2016 | Places

Wearing my Global Heritage Fund archaeological hat once again – as I did when I visited the National School of Arts in Havana – I looked at a number of churches in Santiago de Cuba with Stefaan Portmaan (GHF’s Executive Director) and archaeologist Santiago Giraldo (GH...

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IMG_6078 - flamenco dancer Antonio Gade - 540.

Havana Street Scenes

27 April 2016 | Places

Havana is a great city for people watching, whether they are Cubans or visitors. ▲ Lounging in Plaza de la Catedral beside the statue of flamenco dancer Antonio Gade lounging against a pillar. There are lots of statues like this one around Havana – variously loungi...

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IMG_6086 - Casa Particulares on Calle Concordia 270

Havana Architecture

26 April 2016 | Places

◄ There’s lots of it and you encounter it everywhere you walk. Like the Casa Particulares – a Cuban B&B, Airbnb without the internet – where I stayed on Calle Concordia in Central Havana, a few blocks back from the Malecón. My room has one of those balconies up to...

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