IMG_4643 - Parthenon, Nashville 542

The Nashville Parthenon

16 April 2014 | Places

Lonely Planet’s website has a story on Seven Amazing Fakes, reproductions of exotic structures – like Foamhenge, just like Stonehenge, same size even, although it is made out of Styrofoam rather than stone. ▲ Nashville’s Parthenon is rather better than an amazing f...

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IMG_4604 - The Cavalier, Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami 271

South Beach Miami Art Deco Architecture

14 April 2014 | Culture

The Miami Design Preservation League at 1001 Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami, puts on daily Art Deco Architecture walking tours of the Art Deco district of Miami Beach. The tours kick-off at 1030 am daily, there’s no need to pre-book, they cost A$20 and last 90 minu...

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USVI licence plate 542

US Virgin Islands

10 April 2014 | Places

From British Virgin Islands my little group continued on to the US Virgin Islands (with an unexpected interruption by US immigration which I’ll cover in the next report!). ◄ We started with St John Island, which offers plenty of walking opportunities for energe...

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IMG_4233 - Cooper Island sunset 542

British Virgin Islands

8 April 2014 | Places

From Mexico (Tulum and other Mayan ruins) and Havana (where old American cars and new Cuban restaurants are both doing fine) the next stop was the British Virgin Islands. A place for doing things rather than merely looking at them, although the sunsets were certainly ...

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IMG_3473 - Ixmoja Pyramid, Coba 271

Mayan Ruins around Tulum

29 March 2014 | Places

▲ Staying on the beach at Tulum on my recent Mexico visit it was inevitable that Mayan ruins would be part of the trip. Starting with the ruins right in Tulum of course, with El Castillo picturesquely balanced on the hilltop above the beach.   ◄ We also...

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