Bad Lands

Bad Lands changes

22 April 2014 | Media

Bad Lands – my foray along the Axis of Evil, President George W Bush’s trio of Iran, Iraq and North Korea, plus six other ‘bad’ countries, was published in April 2007. A revised second edition came out in mid-2010 and I commented that remarkably little had changed: ‘T...

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Every Country on Earth – at ground level

5 March 2014 | Living

I’ve posted my thoughts on ‘how many countries there are’ on a number of occasions. A year ago I reported on two friends, both down to their last eight countries – at the time. Me? I’m a non-starter, by my count I’ve only been to 155 countries and that’s by my definit...

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Iceland - Small World 271

Iceland – small world

1 February 2014 | Media

In Iceland small world photographer Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson sets out to capture the drama of his small island home. Indeed most of the views are of dramatic landscapes: waterfalls, geysers, ice, snow, lava, storm-swept beaches, rocky pinnacles and almost all under blac...

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Iron Curtain

Iron Curtain – The Crushing of Eastern Europe

24 January 2014 | Media

The subtitle of Anne Applebaum’s fascinating, but terribly depressing, tale tells it all. In the period from 1944, the year before the final collapse of Nazi Germany, to 1956, the year of the Hungarian Revolution, the Soviet Union truly did crush Eastern Europe. Af...

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Somehow Uganda 542

Somehow: Living on Uganda Time

20 January 2014 | Media

One of those books which I only read because somebody gave it to me – thank you Linda and Lowry – and I loved it! Douglas Cruickshank turns up in a small village in the far west of Uganda to work with coffee growers as a late-in-life Peace Corps volunteer, falls i...

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