Secret Garden - 270

Sydney, a Secret Garden, Brett Whiteley

23 January 2016 | Media

▲ I was in Sydney for New Year’s Eve, here are the midnight fireworks on the Harbour Bridge. ◄ The next day with a bunch of friends I took the ferry from Circular Quay across to McMahon’s Point and we walk back alongside Lavender Bay to Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Gard...

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Tehran Taxi - 270

Tehran Taxi, Darwin Taxi

29 December 2015 | Media

◄ What is it about taxis and movies? Film directors just love to squeeze inside those four wheeled confines. Jim Jarmusch's Night on Earth – which visits Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, Rome and Helsinki all in one night is a favourite, but yesterday I saw two taxi...

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Filthy Rich

Filthy Rich, Country Girls

26 December 2015 | Media

Mohsin Hamid’s How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia is a clever project. From the cover it’s yet another self-help manual, although with a racy title. Inside the chapters are arranged just like a self-help book should be, running through from ‘Move to the City,’ via ...

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Hot Little Hands - 270

Hot Little Hands

20 December 2015 | Media

I had a bunch of books to read for this year’s Warwick Writing Prize – I was one of the judges – and the book I brought in, Skyfaring, got through to the shortlist. The final winner was Redeployment. One of my reading highlights in 2015 was Abigail Ulman’s shor...

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India's Disappearing Railways - 270

India’s Disappearing Railways

18 December 2015 | Media

India has many railways, but this photographic study follows the picturesque routes of 10 of the narrow gauge lines. Sadly the photographer and author Angus McDonald died before his book was published. In 2013 I was going to be on a panel with him at a travel writing ...

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