holiday-in-cambodia 271

Holiday in Cambodia

6 July 2014 | Media

There’s not much vacation time in Laura Jean McKay’s electric collection of short stories. Dark short stories, nobody is having a really good time whether they’re foreign visitors on a train heading for a Khmer Rouge ambush soon after Cambodia reopened in the early 19...

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Off the Map 271

Off the Map

9 June 2014 | Media

'It is not down on any map; true places never are.’ It’s one of Herman Melville’s most famous quotes, from Moby Dick, and Alastair Bonnett’s book certainly pursues that idea. Many of his ‘Lost Spaces, Invisible Cities and Forgotten Islands’ never appear on maps or fad...

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Amalganations 271


30 April 2014 | Media

It’s the heady mix of ‘West meets the rest’ as Doug Hendrie checks out assorted collisions between the developing world and the new ideas and technology. Doug travels to South Korea to see how videogames have become a national sport. He visits the Philippines to obser...

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Travels on My Elephant

Travels on my Elephant

26 April 2014 | Media

I flew from New York to London the other day, earlier the same day Mark Shand, emerging from a New York hotel bar, tripped, fell, hit his head and died. Mr Shand was the brother of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, wife of Prince Charles, so in the British media it was a ...

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Bad Lands

Bad Lands changes

22 April 2014 | Media

Bad Lands – my foray along the Axis of Evil, President George W Bush’s trio of Iran, Iraq and North Korea, plus six other ‘bad’ countries, was published in April 2007. A revised second edition came out in mid-2010 and I commented that remarkably little had changed: ‘T...

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