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More Political Hypocrisy, More Political Idiocy & the Badass Queen

27 January 2015 | Culture

Some days you scan the morning news and the sheer hypocrisy and idiocy of our political leaders simply stuns you. My last posting was over the gall of political leaders turning up in France to march for free speech while, back home, they were busy torturing, jailing, ...

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Charlie Hebdo, Hypocrisy & Saudi Arabia

16 January 2015 | Culture

As Marc Lynch, a professor at George Washington University, summed it up: ‘Glad so many world leaders could take time off jailing and torturing journalists and dissidents to march for free expression in France.’ Photo: Raif Badawi © Juan Osborne for Amnesty Internati...

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Summing up 2014 – the theatre

8 January 2015 | Culture

I’ve covered films, now the theatrical highlights of the year from Melbourne, London and New York: Britain: politics & the royal family – Handbagged was kind of Audience.2, ie the weekly meetings between the Queen and her Prime Minister, but just the one PM, Ma...

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IMG_6700 - Rome, Piazza Navona - 540

Summing up 2014 – first of all the films

7 January 2015 | Culture

I'm going to run through my movie going (about two dozen of them), plays at the theatre (similar number), interesting hotels, interesting restaurants and anything else I can think of. Best hotel film – Grand Budapest Hotel – wonderful – which was pretty much the s...

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Consolations of the Forest

30 December 2014 | Culture

In Consolations of the Forest French author Sylvain Tesson heads off for a five month stay in a cabin on the shores of Lake Baikal in Russia – a retreat into the Siberian forest. It left me mildly disappointed. It sets out to be lyrical, to observe the land and nature...

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