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Music in Cuba

28 April 2016 | Culture

If those old American cars are one of Cuba’s most iconic images then music has to be the other one. ▲ You can search it out, as we did at the rooftop bar of the Hotel Casa Granda in Santiago de Cuba. Grahame Greene came here in planning to interview Fidel in the 19...

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blockade propaganda billboard

The Blockade & Cuba

18 April 2016 | Culture

After my 16 March Brunei posting I’ve been travelling a lot – London, Guatemala, Cuba, Panama, New York – and then back to Australia. So a bunch of rather late postings (and in no particular order) over the next week or two. Starting with Cuba, where I turned up soon ...

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Merry Christmas, Brunei, Bad Taste & de Tomaso Cars

13 March 2016 | Culture

The Sultan of Brunei, intent on underlining his South-East Asia nation’s Ruritanian image, decided his 2015 gift to the Christmas media silly season would be banning Christmas.Well it’s not Islamic is it? Santa Claus and Christmas trees aren’t exactly religious images...

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Mound of Brotherhood

Bulgarian Communism – US Republican Communism?

30 August 2015 | Culture

I took a ‘Communism Tour’ in Sofia, Bulgaria – meet outside the Palace of Justice at 4pm on Sunday. Twenty Five years after the fall of Communism it’s pretty clear they’re still trying to come to terms with what it was all about. ▲ The sign and logo for this old Co...

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Drone Theory

Four Books, one Movie – drugs, drones, Hitler, India & Pakistan, Snowden

24 February 2015 | Culture

Four books which have caught my attention, although I’ve only read reviews. Plus one movie, which I have seen. • Chasing the Scream, the First & Last Days of the War on Drugs by Johann Hari, a summation of why this is another war – like the War on Terror – whic...

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