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IMG_2284 - Uber & Black Cab - 540

London Public Transport – Uber, Black Cabs, the Tube, Sadiq Cycles (& Melbourne)

26 March 2017 | Transport

Take an Uber car from Kensington to St Pancras to meet some friends for dinner one night, the fare is £13. Coming back we go in a traditional Black Cab, same distance, perhaps the traffic is a bit lighter, £30. The following night it’s Uber again, this time to Cove...

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The End of All Our Exploring

The End of All Our Exploring

24 March 2017 | Media

Travel, relationships, India and McLeod Ganj at Dharamsala, Australia, Burma, they all feature in Catherine Anderson’s The End of All Our Exploring, a wrenching memoir about her intense, but sadly truncated relationship with the writer and photographer Angus McDonald....

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IMG_2343 - Trim, Sydney Library - 540

The Good Cat Trim

21 March 2017 | Places

It won’t be published until 2018, but I’ve already put a lot of work into a forthcoming book for the National Library of Australia to be titled Australia’s Islands. There are an awful lot of them, more than 8000, more islands in fact than there are in the Caribbean. T...

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IMG_2190 - spiders stored by mud dauber wasp - 540

Backyard Wildlife

20 March 2017 | Living

I regularly comment on the wildlife that appears in my backyard (or my internal courtyard) and in 2015 I wrote about the Gippsland Water Dragon which had taken up residence. Again this year there has been no nesting activity in the courtyard, but there certainly has b...

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IMG_2283 - Revolution, Royal Academy - 540

The Russian Revolution – 100 Years Later

19 March 2017 | Living

It’s 100 years since the Russian Revolution ushered in Communism and the Soviet Union, assorted galleries and museum in London are celebrating the occasion. The Royal Academy on Piccadilly features Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932 which runs until 17 April. It cov...

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