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Dark Tourism

26 December 2007 | Culture

We’ve had eco-tourism, cultural tourism, adventure tourism and luxury tourism. Now there’s dark tourism: visiting sites of death, disaster or depravity. ◄  mural on the wall of the former US Embassy in Tehran           Nor...

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Discouraging Tourism

20 December 2007 | Living

Some governments have two departments, one which spends money and energy and effort to attract tourists. And one which spends even more money and energy and effort to discourage them. India is a fine example of this tradition, the Indian Tourist Office tries to attr...

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Internet Cafes

18 December 2007 | Culture

        ▲internet cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam Poste restantes, those old fashioned gathering places where travellers congregated to collect their mail, may have had their charm, but their modern replacement, the internet café, also have...

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The Bottom Billion

16 December 2007 | Media

This slim volume theorises that there’s no longer just a small rich world (the ‘north’) and a big poor one (the ‘south’). The small rich world is still there, but now there’s also a big middle one which has escaped from ‘poor’ and is heading towards ‘rich.’ Down at th...

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Visits to Pakistan

13 December 2007 | Places

It’s me, age 4 or 5, when I was living in Karachi and clearly showing an early interest in aviation and travel. I’ve returned to Pakistan a number of times over the years and always found it interesting. My most recent visit was a March 2006 visit to the scene of the ...

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