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Books of 2006

24 December 2006 | Media

I’ve got a new book coming out in April 2007 to be titled Bad Lands and I’ll be talking more about it in forthcoming updates to this blog. My trips to Afghanistan, Albania and Iraq – all featured in the ‘Travel Blogs’ part of my site – contributed to that book. When i...

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England – Coast to Coast

18 October 2006 | Places

Grey, gloomy, pouring rain. It was good English walking weather when Maureen and I along with three other friends set out from St Bees to cross England. I try to make at least one long walk every year and this year’s stroll was the Wainwright Way, crossing England fro...

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Afghanistan Practicalities

6 June 2006 | The rest

I’m certainly not going to say that visiting Afghanistan is safe and the south of the country (ie Kandahar) is definitely unsafe, although nothing like Iraq. In my two weeks in the country (late May 2006) I travelled very widely, had a great time and had no safety pro...

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Back to Afghanistan

31 May 2006 | Places

I’ve been back on the hippy trail, revisiting those places Maureen and I travelled through on the very first Lonely Planet trip. Except no way did I plan to go to Kandahar in the south of Afghanistan, I stuck strictly to the safer regions. But this time I did get to B...

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Afghanistan – Days 13 & 14 – Kabul

30 May 2006 | Places

My visit to Afghanistan has been such smooth sailing it’s almost inevitable that things should go astray right at the end. On my final full day I’d planned to visit two museums, drop in at the British Embassy and go up to one of the hills overlooking the town for the ...

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